Our tents can fit whatever you need...

When we hear the word "chapiteau", most think of the circus. But large tents have a much wider range of uses. So if you're looking for a lightweight, imaginative yet functional shelter for an outdoor product presentation, a concert or even a garden party or a wedding, our tents can fit whatever you need. 

Not all marquees are the same

Unrivalled workmanship, quality materials
and modern technology. That is a matter of course for us!

To make the tent truly airy and, at the same time, resistant to sunlight and possible bad weather, we use high-quality cotton or mixed fabrics or acrylic. It depends on where and how you want to use the tent and how long you want it to stay there.

We use quality and carefully processed wood from Czech forests for the structures. In addition, the structure of the tents is complemented by top-quality, reliable components, so you do not have to worry about strong gusts of wind or other unexpected circumstances. 

Marquees – elegant roofing for every event

We have been making marquees in our workshop using proven processes for quite a few years. We design them with the utmost care and with regard to the specific needs of the customer. You decide what your tent should be. Leave the rest to us. So what do we pride ourselves on?

Precise treatement

Czech production

Hand-made products

Certified materials and components

Quality natural materials

Personally tested

Types of marquees

Whether you are planning a garden festival, an outdoor presentation of goods or another event for many people, shelter is always useful.
The canvas roof provides excellent protection from the scorching sun as well as rain showers.

Arched chapiteau

Spacious, elegant, functional. In short, the king among big tents.

The innovative design with extra straps allows reaching a really big size. Even so, the tent will still be airy and pleasing to the eye. 

Classical chapiteau

Compared to the arc chapiteau, the classical one has a simpler design. The side poles are embedded directly in the canvas. 

Therefore, classical chapiteaus are simpler to build and do not take up as much surrounding space. However, classical chapiteaus are not suitable for long-term use.


A classical chapiteau enhanced with historical elements. Depending on the situation, multi-coloured, with a dulcimer and other details. 

We are no newcomers to making big tents.
Our giants have graced countless events

120 marquees

delivered to European and more distant countries

21 years

we have been building big tents and looking for the best solutions

5 business partners

in several countries across Europe

Frequently asked questions

How do you choose the materials?

We always choose quality and proven materials. We personally test all materials we use. We wouldn't let anything leave the workshop which we wouldn't feel comfortable in ourselves. 

How to choose the right size?

The best indicator of the tent size is the number of people that should fit in the tent. It also depends on whether the participants should stand or sit in the tent. You also need to consider if there needs to be room for other equipment in the tent.

What are the warranty conditions?

The lawful 2-year warranty is a matter of course. For some materials used, manufacturers provide even longer warranty periods. We stand behind our products. We are ready to help you with after-sales service if something goes wrong.

Which canvas to choose?

The primary option for casual tents is cotton fabric, or you can have the tent made from a mixed material (cotton/polyester). For all-season use, it is best to choose the durable acrylic option.

Once in your marquee, you will never want to leave.

We always tailor each marquee to the conditions and specific requirements of our customers.
Before we start planning, we need some basic information.

Don't like forms? Call  +420 777 769 145 or send us a message at info@famtents.com.

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