We can build you a tepee.
In a campsite or in your garden...

Simple design and construction, plenty of space inside, including the possibility to warm up by the fireplace on colder days and, on the contrary, a pleasant coolness during the summer heat.

We base our teepees on Dakota-style teepees with an ovoid base ranging in size from 3 to 9 metres. The most common size is between 5 and 6 metres. This size provides you with plenty of room for sleeping, free movement and possible visitors, including sitting by the fire. 

Not all tepees are the same

Unrivalled workmanship, quality materials
and years of experience. That is a matter of course for us!

For the construction of teepees, we use quality Czech wood, which we then work by hand.

When selecting fabrics for teepees, we prefer proven Czech producers. If we do not have a suitable supplier, we provide material of comparable quality from a European manufacturer. 

The teepee was our first tent; therefore, we have the richest experience with its production.

We know how each material behaves in different climatic conditions, and depending on what you expect from the tent, we can suggest the best possible option

Tepee – every child's adventurous dream

We have been building tepees using proven processes for quite a few years. We design them with the utmost care and with regard to the specific needs of the customer. You decide what your tepee should be. Leave the rest to us. So what do we pride ourselves on?

Precise treatement

Czech production

Hand-made products

Certified materials and components

Quality natural materials

Personally tested

We are no newcomers to making tepees.
We have been dedicated to them for decades

4000 tepees

delivered all over the world

21 years

we produce tepees for you

5 business partners

in several countries across Europe

Frequently asked questions

What fabric to choose?

You must choose the type of fabric according to how you will use the tent. For short-term use, the lightest cotton material is sufficient. However, if the tent is to stand all summer, then a mixed material (cotton/polyester) is better. And if the teepee is to last a long time, then the best choice is acrylic.

What makes a complete tepee?

To build a tepee, you will need a canvas, poles and accessories. Then you can choose additional accessories such as lining or ozan.

What are the warranty conditions?

The lawful 2-year warranty is a matter of course. But if something goes wrong, we are ready to help you with after-warranty service.

How to choose the right equipment?

If you want to use the teepee for longer, you will need two additional tarpaulins - lining and ozan. The lining will protect you from the wind and help the air circulate better in the tent. The ozan will protect you and your belongings from rain and ash.

Once in your tepee, you will never want to leave again.

We always tailor each tepee to the conditions and specific requirements of our customers.
Before we start planning, we need some basic information.

Don't like forms? Call  +420 777 769 145 or send us a message at info@famtents.com.

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  • 4 m
  • 5 m
  • 5,5 m
  • 6 m
  • 7 m
  • 8 m
  • 9 m
  • Choose
  • cotton 300g
  • polycotton 420g
  • acrylic 320g
  • Choose
  • yes
  • no
  • lining
  • ozan
  • Choose
  • cotton 300g
  • polycotton 420g