Viking tents

Camp like the Vikings

Are you attracted to simplicity, natural materials and history? Do you find medieval tents too complicated? Then the canvas shelters of the old Vikings are suitable for you.

Viking tents combine simplicity and history-tested functionality.

There is beauty in simplicity

Unrivalled workmanship, quality materials
and respect for tradition. That is a matter of course for us!

We respect the experience proven by history and work directly with partners from Denmark to design Viking tents. 

In addition, the entire structure is complemented by reliable, top-quality components so that the tents are safe in every respect. 

To make the tent as close as possible to its original intentions, we use high-quality cotton, linen or wool fabrics from Czechia or the EU.

For the structure, we use quality and carefully processed wood from Czech forests.

Viking tents – experience authentic camping

We have been making viking tents in our workshop using proven processes. We design them with the utmost care and with regard to the specific needs of the customer. You decide what your tent should be. Leave the rest to us. So what do we pride ourselves on?

Precise treatement

Czech production

Hand-made products

Certified materials and components

Quality natural materials

Personally tested

Types of viking tents

Viking tents are a simple and time-tested roofing solution for various occasions.
The materials and leather components used add to their authenticity.


The simplest Viking tent in the shape of a pyramid with one central pole.

It's designed to withstand bad weather. A strip of fabric sewn on the inside of the bottom edge of the tarp prevents cold air from penetrating from the outside. 


An "A-shaped" ten with two apses and a hinged side wall. Thanks to it, it is possible to create an open shelter in front of the tent.

The tent is an ideal shelter in case of bad weather. A strip of fabric sewn on the inside of the bottom edge of the tarp prevents cold air from penetrating from the outside. 


Typical A-shaped Viking tent with plank structure that was initially used on Viking ships.

The name comes from the Norwegian farm Oseberg, where in 1903, a Viking burial ship was discovered, including the aforementioned tents.

We can also add a variant of this type with a counter - Oseberg shop.

We are no newcomers to making Viking tents.
We'll take you anywhere. Even to the far north

300 Viking tents

delivered to European and more distant countries

17 years

we have been searching for the best possible solutions

5 business partners

in several countries across Europe

Frequently asked questions

Which tent to choose?

Each of the offered types has its advantages. If you want something simple, then the Spidstelt is your best choice. The Saxon, on the other hand, offers more space thanks to its larger dimensions. Finally, a particular tent is the Oseberg, which has a slightly more complex construction.

How do you choose the materials?

We always choose quality and proven materials. We personally test all materials we use. We wouldn't let anything leave the workshop which we wouldn't feel comfortable in ourselves. 

What are the warranty conditions?

The lawful 2-year warranty is a matter of course. We stand behind our products. We are ready to help you with after-sales service if something goes wrong.

What fabric option to choose?

It is still a tent, but our yurts are a safe place to live thanks to proven and high-quality materials. Besides, we can supply some of the materials in a flame-retardant version, thanks to which our yurts meet even the ever-tightening safety requirements.

Once in your tent, you will never want to leave.

We always tailor each yurt to the conditions and specific requirements of our customers.
Before we start planning, we need some basic information.

Don't like forms? Call  +420 777 769 145 or send us a message at

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